Cambodia-Japan Association for Business & Investment (CJBI)
Mr. Sy Vanna
Administrator, Executive Committee

Mr. Sy Vanna, Manager of Human Resource Development Hub. Holder of MED in leadership and management from Pannasatra University of Cambodia and he has been well-trained the Leadership for Professionals and Japanese-Style Management in Japan. Mr. Vanna has had more than thirteen-year experience in management and leadership and giving lectures and training on various courses associated with educational development and business leadership and management. His management career development is quite interesting as he has advanced through different senior positions in a short period of time. For the last five years, he has moved up from a supervisor of schools to the Managing Director of schools. During the last ten years, he has helped staff more productive and engaged in their personal and professional lives by using varieties of effective motivation and coaching methods. Currently, Mr. Vanna is the Vice President of Cambodia IATSS Alumni Association, and the Leadership for Professionals and Japanese-Style Management Trainer of Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Center (CJCC).

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