Public Lecture on Mr. INAMORI Kazuo's Business and Life Philosophy

CJBI is pleased to inform you that we are going to organize an event called “Public Lecture On Mr. INAMORI KAZUO’S Business & Life Philosophy”. From this event, participants will be able:

-To understand Mr. INAMORI Kazou’s practical business and life philosophy

-To apply the philosophy in managing people and organization in the Cambodian context.

*Detailed Schedule:

Date: September to December, 3rd Session on 18th November, 2023

Time: 4:00pm - 6:00pm

Language: English

Venue: CJCC

Admission (2 times): CJBI Member: 10$ / Non-Member: 18$

If you are interested in this public lecture, please register via:

For more information:

Contact: 012 771 676 / 098 998 908

Email: http://[email protected]