Message from the President

Dear Readers,

The development of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) is very crucial for sustainable economic development of Cambodia. The large flow of foreign direct investment (FDI) in Cambodia has offered good opportunities for those local SMEs to strengthen their competitiveness, introduce technologies, create more decent jobs, as well as access to international markets.

Likewise, the number of Japan’s FDI in Cambodia has remarkably increased and significantly contributed to Cambodia’s economic growth. More than 130 Japanese investment projects have been carried out in Cambodia since 1994, reaching roughly $2.5 billion.

Despite the growth in Japanese FDI and local SMEs in Cambodia, the remaining common challenge for Japanese investors is to find and cooperate with good local partners, while those local SMEs are lacking capacity, resources and opportunities for linkage with foreign companies.

Taking this opportunity, Cambodia-Japan Association for Business and Investment (CJBI) was realigned to create a conducive business environment by bridging potential Japanese investors and Cambodian companies, with a particular focus on SMEs, through various business matching activities and learning opportunities.

To date, CJBI has more than 40 members including Cambodian and Japanese companies from different business sectors. As CJBI has more members, we have decided to rebuild our Website. In this refreshed Website, we have started to offer various economic and business information about Cambodia with a particular focus on attracting more investment from Japan. Also, we have upgraded the member page so that each member is able to obtain more information about other members, which will facilitate exchange of ideas and cooperation between our members.

I truly hope that this refreshed Website will be more useful for all the readers and members to get more information about business in Cambodia and know each other more to promote partnership between each other.

Mr. IENG Sotheara
Cambodia-Japan Association for Business & Investment